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Unfortunately, not all insurances is created equal, you deserve more for your money. That is why we work with 60+ companies to find the ones that provided you the most at the lowest cost. Don’t think of insurance as another bill; It’s income protection and the greatest gift you’ll ever give your family.

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Fevrier Insurance is pure life insurance and income protection. You get a high amount of coverage for less and locks in that rate for up to 30 years.


"If there is anyone dependent on your income-Parents, Children, Relatives - You need life insurance".

Suze Orman

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Guaranteed Issue Life

Can you really buy a permanent life policy guaranteed to issue with no questions asked?


 Guaranteed Issue Life is a whole life policy created for people that would be declined by other life companies. It is permanent insurance.......

Final Expense Life Insurance

Final Expense life insurance is designed to help families with the cost associated with dying. You may have heard it referred to as burial insurance, end-of-life coverage, or funeral insurance.

If you have ever been involved in the funeral... 

Index Universal Life vs Whole Life vs Universal Life

What’s the difference between Whole Life, Universal Life, and Index Universal Life?

First, let’s talk about the similarities?

All three are forms of Permanent Insurance...


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