Why Fevrier Insurance

Working with a team of experts Fevrier Insurance is dedicated to making certain that all consumers get the very best insurance rates available. If you are looking to buy life insurance, we can help you regardless of your past medical history. In our 10 plus years helping individuals get term life insurance we have worked with everyone from men and women in their early 20's in excellent physical condition to older individuals recovering from a heart attack or in remission from cancer. We do not stop until we have helped them obtain the best rate possible.

We are an independent Life Insurance Brokerage Company. This simply means that we are not employed by or affiliated with any single insurance company. Instead, we have independently contracted with numerous life insurance companies that provide us with the opportunity to sell their products to consumers. We are compensated as independent agents in the form of commission or a percentage of a premium by all life insurance companies we contract with. This means that your premium is not affected by our commission.

Every month our online term life insurance quotation system is updated to reflect the rates from the United State’s highest rate life insurance companies. Based on the information you enter, they appear in order from the least expensive rate at which you can buy term life insurance to the most expensive. For a more accurate quote, use our in-depth analyzer. Be aware that the prices are determined by the life insurance companies and are not set by agents or brokers.

Our focus is simple. We are committed to helping you find the best term life insurance for you to ensure your family is taken care of. For more information, we encourage you to contact us today.

We work with 60+ Insurance companies

> We Have no obligations to any of them

> We work for you and look fo the best policy Regardless of Commission or company 

Everything is done Digitally for Speed and accuracy

> We complete the paperwork for you and get you approved fast.

> No more 30 page of application to go though

Customer Service Above Profit

> We Will Make Sure you  understand your options  and the product your are  purchasing 

> We're impartial when it comes to the insurers we do business with. Best prices from the best companies period

No Sales Pressure

> We work at you pace in a low-key environment. We are here to assist you, not sell to you.

> You will Not find a lower cost for the same company and same rating